10 Guest Favor Ideas For Your Destination Wedding in Jamaica.

Having a destination wedding in Jamaica is always unique as it’s a country rich in culture.  You get to exchange your vows surrounded with nothing but Caribbean beauty! Jamaica is known worldwide for its food, music, and people. In this country, you can never run out of ideas to please your wedding guests. When your guests have travelled to Jamaica for your wedding and you want to give them a thank you gift, here are 8 great guest favor ideas for your destination wedding.

  1. Appleton’s rum: Everyone loves Appleton Rum! Treat your guests to the taste of this beautifully complex and aromatic rum. The bottles can even be customized with the bride and groom’s name.
  2. Blue Mountain Coffee: The Blue Mountain Coffee is one of Jamaica’s treasures, grown in the famous Blue Mountains. Your guests will be pleased with the taste of Jamaican greatness, and will thank you for introducing them to it!
  3. Hot Sauce: Jamaica has a variety of hot sauces that are all equally good, and really hot and spicy! These hot sauces add a flavor that will have your guests closing their eyes in delight when they try it.
  4. Jerk Seasoning: Give your guests this and they will have a piece of Jamaica with them in their homes. The country is famous for its jerk chicken and this is highly due to the amazing jerk seasonings. This goody will have your guests jerk chicken tasting of island goodness.
  5. Jamaican snacks: Jamaica has a variety of snacks that taste magnificent. They are filled with flavor and are sure to have your guests licking their fingers. A good one to try is Reggae Carmella, this snack really packs the Jamaican culture in one bag!
  6. Mini Rum Cakes: Just hearing that name is delicious. We are sure all your guests will love you for this treat!
  7. Jamaican shot glasses: Shots, shots, shots, shots! These shot glasses have the imprint of Jamaica on the outside. Give your guests this treat and they will remember the island, every time they decide to take a shot!
  8. Jamaica shirts: Brand Jamaica is popular worldwide, and your guests will definitely love to have a Jamaican shirt to represent the small island. It is a perfect treat to remind them of the fun time they had when they visited

Photo by: Merrick Cousley 

About Borghinvilla: With breathtaking views of the Caribbean sea, Borghinvilla is the perfect spot for couples looking for a unique, private and personalized wedding and event venue.  Located on the border of St.Ann and Trelawny Jamaica, Borghinvilla is centrally located to many of the hotels and resorts in the Montego Bay, Trelawny, Runaway Bay and Ocho  Rios areas.   This wedding and event venue is available year round to  host celebrations, vow renewals and other special events.   Boasting 2  acres of lush Jamaican flowers, plants and a stunning seaside cliff view of the Caribbean sea, this location is sure to impress!  You will love our mix of North American service standards mixed with the warm,  friendly service of Jamaicans.  

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