Budgeting Tips For Your Wedding.

Having a wedding is a costly venture. From designer dresses to professional decor, it can really put a strain on the pockets. Fortunately, there are a lot of options that can help you to have your dream wedding on a tight budget. Jennifer Borgh, expert Wedding Planner and Founder of Borghinvilla Wedding Venue, gives insightful tips on how to budget for your dream wedding.


1. Local flowers vs Imported flowers: Flowers are very important to a wedding as they add style, beauty, and colour. In almost every country, there is a wide variety of flowers to choose from. If you are comfortable with the flowers grown locally, then it will save you a lot of money. However, if you want some Acacias from Australia or some roses from Italy, and willing to spend some extra money, then go ahead. It is your big day!
2. Local Bar vs. Imported Bar: Using local liquors is often cheaper than using imported ones, and can significantly reduce your bar bill. Local liquors can be as good as imported ones and you won’t have to spend extra money on shipping.
3. Dj vs. Band: There is nothing more romantic than having a band with live music at your wedding, and it is highly recommended. However, if you have a tight budget, you can save some by reducing the amount of members in the band, or you can hire your local DJ and let him turn the music up!
4. Venue with already beautiful environs vs. Venue that needs decoration: You might think you are saving money by booking a cheaper venue that needs tons of decorations, but you can save a lot more money by booking a venue that is beautiful just the way it is: one already decorated by flora, fauna, or a cliffside view of the beach. Your guests will be happy surrounded by nature, and you will save on decorations.
5. 3 layer vs. 2 layer cake: Even though it is one extra layer, a 3 layer cake is a lot more expensive than a 2 layer one. Do you really need a 3 layer cake? It would be way less expensive to get a bigger cake than to get an extra layer of cake.
6. Buffet vs. Plated dinner: An all you can eat buffet or a plated dinner? You can let your guests choose how much to eat, or you can give them how much you can afford. A plated dinner is usually more expensive than a buffet dinner as you will require more staff to serve all of your guests at the same time! Some brides have a preference regardless of budget. Buffet’s can provide seconds and give guests the option to choose what they like and don’t like.
7. All day wedding vs. Half day wedding: Your wedding day is extremely important, and we do understand if you want to dedicate a whole day to it. If you are planning on having an all day wedding, well plan to give your guests up to three meals or the minimum two, pay more money for the venue, and for entertainment. An evening or morning wedding is short, but can prove to be cost effective. You would only have to provide on meal for your guests, and booking hours for entertainers will be less.
8. Destination weddings vs. Local ones: Destination weddings have been proven to be more affordable than local ones. The guest list is shorter, which is a big factor in your costs. Local weddings can draw at least double the amount of guests.
9. Make use of what is included in the wedding destination packages. Some resorts offer welcome drinks at the bar, free of cost. Utilize these opportunities and you can save yourself some cash.
Now you have a list of how to save money on your weddings. You can use these tips to save money or you can choose the more expensive routes, if you have some cash to spare.

Photo by Manuela Stefan Photography


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