Wedding Advice

Weddings are happy occasions, but sometimes they can be stressful if they are not planned effectively. It is easy to get lost in the planning, and forget the true reason for this splendid occasion. Take a breath, and read these great pieces of advice from Jennifer Borgh.



  1. “If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”- Paul Neil. When considering vendors for your wedding, do not only think about the price. Your wedding is more than a price. A vendor can charge less and give you low quality services; a vendor can be expensive and is still not better than average priced vendors. You have to research, and know who you are hiring. Visit their websites and read the reviews, and make a decision not based on price, but quality.
  2. Save the drama for your wedding planner. If you hire a wedding planner, tell him or her all about your family issues, whether it is about your crazy ex-boyfriend, overly obsessive uncle, or rude sister, “as your wedding planner, I want to know it all. I need to be prepared to help avoid any issues on or leading up to the wedding day.  Am I going to have to pull the plug for an embarrassing speech, entertain someone so they can’t interfere, or am I going to have to tell someone that they are not welcome at the wedding?” Having knowledge about these things can help the wedding planner to assist you in avoiding certain situations, and also how to work out seating arrangements.
  3. Get a great photographer. Photographers help to keep the wedding alive, even when it is over. To hire a great photographer you need to get professional referrals, view an entire portfolio done by the photographer, make sure they have a second shooter or assistant, find out the turn- around times, make sure that touch ups are included, pay for the rights and for a digital CD/DVD to make re-prints, and find photographers that are willing to be flexible with their time.
  4. Create a detailed budget. Having a budget is vital in helping you to see the future and decide what is most important to you, before the money is spent, “The budget is the first item that I like to tackle with all of my couples. I provide them with a budget sheet and ask them to either fill it out on their own, or to work with me in filling it out. It’s very important to me that my clients get the wedding that they want so I encourage them to take advantage of my skills and experience to put together a budget that works with their weddings dreams but stays within their allocated financials. Budgets aren’t set in stone, and clients can add or remove from the budget as needed.”



About Borghinvilla: With breathtaking views of the Caribbean sea, Borghinvilla is the perfect spot for couples looking for a unique, private and personalized wedding and event venue.  Located on the border of St.Ann and Trelawny Jamaica, Borghinvilla is centrally located to many of the hotels and resorts in the Montego Bay, Trelawny, Runaway Bay and Ocho  Rios areas.   This wedding and event venue is available year round to  host celebrations, vow renewals and other special events.   Boasting 2  acres of lush Jamaican flowers, plants and a stunning seaside cliff view of the Caribbean sea, this location is sure to impress!  You will love our mix of North American service standards mixed with the warm,  friendly service of Jamaicans.  



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