Ten Tips to Keeping Your Destination Wedding on Time

Destination weddings are fun, because you get to have a wedding and a vacation in one. There are so many new beautiful places to see, and new memories to make. However, destination weddings require a lot of planning which is very time- consuming. We want to ensure that your wedding day is hassle-free and on time. Here are some tips that you can use to ensure you wedding runs on time.


  1. Hire a wedding planner: The benefits of a wedding planner cannot be overstated. They ensure the wedding goes to plan, and is kept on time. Read our article here on the benefits of hiring a wedding planner.



  1. Make a family photos list: Having a photo list will ensure that everyone knows when they should begin moving to get their photos taken. You can have someone calling the names out, or you can give each of your family members a copy of the list. This will keep the flow going, and it will keep your wedding on time!
  2. Have a wedding day schedule and share it with vendors/friends who are helping: Making a schedule is always a good idea, especially when each task is on a timeline. Sharing it with vendors and friends who are helping with the wedding will keep everyone on the same place, and will help each person to work effectively in achieving the same goals.
  3. Do not leave anything(except getting ready) to the last minute: According to Murphy’s law, “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. Do not leave anything to the last minute, or you will most likely find yourself without enough time to do everything. Ensure you carry out all your required tasks at least a day in advance, if possible.
  4. Ask for help from your friends and family: Do not be afraid to ask for help. Getting more assistance will ensure your wedding runs on time. We are sure your loving friends and family will have no problem with helping you run a few errands.
  5. Give your guests a buffer (while on vacation people tend to move slower): If you need your guests to show up at 2, tell them 1:45. This will ensure everyone shows up on time, and your day will run with ease.
  6. Hire vendors to do EVERYTHING that your budget allows, so you can focus on enjoying your day: If you can spare the money, hiring vendors will ensure your wedding follows your timeline. Florists, cake designers, make-up artists, photographers, and a wedding planner will do all the work for you, and will do it on time. This will also ensure that you have time on your hands to enjoy your day!
  7. Get enough sleep: Lack of sleep will result in discoordination of thought which will lead to you not doing your tasks efficiently. The more sleep you get, the more efficient you will be. You will do what you need to be done to the best of your abilities and on time.
  8. Make a to do/to bring list for the wedding day: Having a list will ensure that you do not forget anything. If you forget something important on the day of your wedding, you will have to try sourcing it, and that will lead to everything running off time. Sit down, think of everything you need on your wedding day, and write it down. It will work in your favor.
  9. Pack anything for the wedding day BEFORE the wedding day: This is very important in ensuring that your day runs flawlessly. Do not wait until the wedding day to pack, and if you can bring them to your wedding venue a day early, if you can.


Photo by: Rowell Photography 


About Borghinvilla: With breathtaking views of the Caribbean sea, Borghinvilla is the perfect spot for couples looking for a unique, private and personalized wedding and event venue.  Located on the border of St.Ann and Trelawny Jamaica, Borghinvilla is centrally located to many of the hotels and resorts in the Montego Bay, Trelawny, Runaway Bay and Ocho  Rios areas.   This wedding and event venue is available year round to  host celebrations, vow renewals and other special events.   Boasting 2  acres of lush Jamaican flowers, plants and a stunning seaside cliff view of the Caribbean sea, this location is sure to impress!  You will love our mix of North American service standards mixed with the warm,  friendly service of Jamaicans.  

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