Guide To Being A Good Destination Wedding Guest.

So you just got invited to a destination wedding. A wedding+vacation, how exciting!
Couples that are planning a destination wedding are looking to have a fun getaway with their closest friends and family, and are also looking to avoid the stress of planning a large local wedding, which would most likely have a huge guest list. Here are a few suggestions on how to avoid stressing the couple and become a positive addition to their destination wedding.


1. Everyone loves a good deal and sometimes when you are flexible on dates/resort you can find a last minute deal. Unfortunately, for destination weddings, last minute guests just add last minute stress for the couple. They now need to try to get extra décor, extra seats and extra dinners ordered. Some other common issues that can arise with last minute guests are hotels and flights being sold out.
2. The best way to book a wedding group is about a year in advance so everyone can attend and pay the same price. Certain things can be included in a group booking such as a rehearsal dinner and even some wedding packages. When you are invited to a wedding and the couple has gone through the trouble of securing a group rate with inclusions book it! Don’t try and get a better deal, don’t try and book outside the group booking. Save the deal search for your next vacation.
3. When possible, stay at the same resort and book the same flight as the rest of the guests. With destination weddings, the fun starts when you arrive at the airport and it’s a great time to start meeting the other guests.
4. Don’t boggle down the couple with your issues. If your name was spelled wrong on the e-ticket then call the travel agent. There is no need to add extra stress to the couple (unless absolutely necessary). Simple issues arise with travel all the time. One email and the problem can often be solved.
5. Let the couple know of your dietary restrictions ahead of time. Are you vegetarian? Do you have a nut allergy? Even if you aren’t asked, a mention of this at the beginning can avoid issues.
6. Bring a gift or even a card! The monetary expectation isn’t the same for a destination wedding, bur you are still there to celebrate the occasion so make sure you come with a card.
7. If you are giving the couple a gift then have it shipped to their residence, or bring it when they return. Bringing gifts and expecting the couple to pack them up and bring them back home is a huge inconvenience (unless it’s something useful for the destination wedding!)
8. Don’t complain about the location. It’s their wedding, not yours. If the destination is not your first choice then there is no need to mention it to the couple or any of the guests.
9. Get excited about the wedding! Do some of your own research about the destination and find out about the amazing things to do.
10. Don’t complain once at the destination. If there are issue, then take it up with the resort manager, or put in a call to the travel agent who booked you. Unless it’s critical, there is no point in complaining to the couple or other guests. This can really put a damper on everyone’s stay.
11. Make sure you have all of your documents in order!


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