Why Hire A Professional Photographer For Your Wedding?

Photography is an investment! You get to freeze a special moment in your life and capture it forever. Your wedding will be one of the biggest days of your life, and you want to ensure that the photographic memories are beautiful and capable of vicariously transporting you back to the day you said, “I do”. A lot of individuals, in an effort to save money, get their family member or friend to do the photography for their wedding, and end up being sorry, wishing they had hired a professional. We have arranged for you ten reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding.

  1. They give you great, professional results: They are pros, and most of them have done hundreds of weddings, getting better and better each time. They also have their reputation and image to uphold, so they will ensure that they do a good job, so you can in turn recommend them to your social groups.

When you pay for a professional with all of their expensive professional equipment, knowledge, experience and know how, you are in fact paying for a “guarantee”.   What is peace of mind worth to you?  To know that on your wedding day, all you have to worry about is getting married because you have a professional at the helm- A historian for lack of a better term, documenting the moments and immortalizing the memories of your special day.

Rohan Laylor (http://www.phatdogvisuals.com/)



  1. They are committed: They have to show up on the day of your wedding, because they would have signed a contract with you. While your close friends and family can bail out at the last minute, professional photographers cannot. In the unlikely event of an emergency, they will send someone in to replace them as they have a network of other professionals.
  2. They will always have back-ups: On your wedding day, a professional photographer will have back-up cameras, back-up batteries, and even a backup photographer just in case he falls ill. They will also have backups of your wedding photos in case of a hard drive failure or any other disasters that can happen.
  3. Your wedding photos are one of the only things you will have from your wedding: After your wedding is done and gone, photography archives the details. The one thing you will always have from your wedding is the photographs: you will show them to your future children, it may even be the last professional photo of elderly guests before they pass, and you will look at them when you want to have a walk down memory lane. For something that important, it is worth hiring the right person for the job!

“Hiring a professional photographer comes with the peace of mind that you are letting your friends and family enjoy your wedding, with experience to rely on. It is more than just photography, photographers have seen the past so much times, they can help with your future.”

Rowell Photography (http://www.rowellphoto.com/)



  1. A professional photographer has a shot sheet and a timeline of events. They will know the shots that they want to take, and when to take them. They will sit down with the bride and groom and discuss all the shots that must be taken. A rookie photographer will not take the time out to do all of these things, and he or she will end up ruining the photographs for your wedding and possibly missing key events.
  2. They will capture all the great moments: A professional will ensure that all the perfect moments of your wedding are captured at great angles, with great quality. Amateurs will miss the big moments of your wedding. Moments you can never get back.

“Weddings are intricate, emotional and complex events. They happen fast and usually there is a lot going on. A professional photographer knows what is essential for capturing the energy of the day, what is crucial and can’t possibly be missed. They will also have the unique ability to see the moment and catch it well before it fades away, immortalizing it in a way that makes sense visually. That requires a unique ability to instantly decide on both composition and technical settings. It calls for a trained eye, one which will know how to seize every creative opportunity before it passes.”

Manuela Stefan (http://www.manuelastefan.com/)



  1. A professional photographer will have you looking good in all your photos. They are highly experienced and they know how to make you feel comfortable and natural when you are taking your photos. This does not come only from skill but from years and years of experience, the best equipment and hours of editing.



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