Advantages of Destination Weddings


Destination weddings are growing in popularity each day. They are fun, exciting, and are usually more affordable! If you have already made the decision to have a destination wedding, or  are thinking of having one, this article is a must read. Here are the top ten advantages of having a destination wedding.

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  1. They are usually less expensive. Due to the usually beautiful backdrops of destination wedding locations, you will not need as much décor. Your wedding will most likely be outdoors, and you will only need a few extra touches to be able to walk down the aisle, saving you a lot of money on decorations. Also, the guest list will be significantly reduced as distant acquaintances will likely not spend the money and vacation time from work required to travel.
  2. You can have your wedding and honeymoon in the same location. Instead of spending money on extra flights for your honeymoon, you can upgrade to a different resort on the same island (consider upgrading rooms and going to adults only resort where you can start the romance). You will have a trip that will create memories to last for a lifetime.
  3. More intimate time with friends and family members. Due to the small guest list, you have more time to spend with your close friends and family members in a glamorous location.
  4. You can go sight-seeing. Destination wedding locations are beautiful with lots of wonderful places to see and explore. Before your wedding, you and your wedding party can go sight-seeing, and spend quality time together. Your trip will be fun, exciting, and memorable.
  5. You will have amazing photographs. Imagine your photographs with beautiful backdrops of sea and sand, flora and fauna, clear blue skies. Destination weddings always results in great photos that you and your future partner will enjoy looking through for years to come.
  6. A destination wedding will be unlike any other. You can incorporate the culture of the country you choose for your destination wedding, or you can have a traditional or religious wedding. No matter what, a destination wedding will be like no other!
  7. The grooms get more involved. Yes! Grooms tend to get more involved in destination wedding plans.
  8. It is usually easier to plan. Yes, destination wedding can be much easier to plan. Most of the resorts and wedding venues come with a variety of wedding packages that you can choose from. The wedding packages will include the catering, design, and all the other necessities for your wedding. If you hire a wedding planner, it even becomes much easier. You will only have a few choices to make, and will be able to relax and enjoy the days before your wedding.
  9. Destination weddings are less stressful. Due to the limit on the guest list, you can avoid having to tend to all your family and friends. Staying on a resort with organized activities and options keeps your guests entertained and leaves you free to enjoy their company or have alone time. Also, your wedding planner or the resort staff will take all the stress off your hands!
  10. With destination weddings your wedding day can extend to a wedding week! Any bride can tell you how fast the wedding day goes, with a destination wedding you can plan pre and post wedding events which gives you a whole week to celebrate your love!


About Borghinvilla: With breathtaking views of the Caribbean sea, Borghinvilla is the perfect spot for couples looking for a unique, private and personalized wedding and event venue.  Located on the border of St.Ann and Trelawny Jamaica, Borghinvilla is centrally located to many of the hotels and resorts in the Montego Bay, Trelawny, Runaway Bay and Ocho  Rios areas.   This wedding and event venue is available year round to  host celebrations, vow renewals and other special events.   Boasting 2  acres of lush Jamaican flowers, plants and a stunning seaside cliff view of the Caribbean sea, this location is sure to impress!  You will love our mix of North American service standards mixed with the warm,  friendly service of Jamaicans.


Photo by Goody Cambay

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